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I’m reviewing it to find out.

The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package hasn’t changed this year—it still combines Kingdom of Pet’s content into one better value product. The reason it’s called the multimedia package is because the product goes over three mediums: book, audio, and video. However, the meat of the multimedia package is within 3 in-depth ebooks:

  • The Secrets to Dog Training: Stop your dog’s behaviour problems
  • The Ultimate House Training Guide
  • The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health

Proper dog training improves the behaviour, health and happiness of your dog. So for years dog trainers and dog owners have been using dog training products to improve their knowledge of their pet’s behaviour, learning cutting-edge info from pet specialists and Veterinarians. Because reaching dog training mastery isn’t easy.

So not sure if the Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package will stop your pet problems? Dog training books are everywhere now, so this review will tell you if this is the best product for you (and if it stands the test of time). So let’s have a look.

So what’s in the Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package?

I’ll talk about each in this review of the product. The 1st ebook covers dog behavioural problems (obedience training, tips and tricks, etc); the 2nd is about keeping your dog house-trained (house training, good house habits and health); the 3rd is about helping your dog stay healthy (general dog health, dog care, exercise and nutrition.)

All these are written by pet specialists and cover 80% of dog training and what it is to be a dog owner. But that’s not the whole package…

You also get in-field training videos: 5 online dog training videos showing you actual dog behaviour and how to deal with it. And after that, you get 8 bonus audio/ebooks. These easily cover that last 20% of dog-owning.

That’s a lot of content. But what about the price…

How much does the Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package cost?

While reading a review, you need to know the price of the product to see if it’s worth it. Everything in Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package comes to $99.95, which puts it in the mid-range for online dog training course packages. Considering the amount of content you get, it’s good value for money. You also have 60 days to get your money back if you’re not happy with it.

But is it worth it? Let’s get on with this review.

Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package Product Review

Ebook No. 1: Secrets to Dog Training: Stop your dog’s behaviour problems


A 250+ page dog training (and obedience training) ebook covering everything from picking up your puppy to the on-going dog training in your everyday life. This is a comprehensive guide that specializes in training your dog to stop dog behaviour problems such as:

· Hostility/aggression

·   Digging

·   Excessive barking

·   Unwanted chewing

·   Separation anxiety

·   Eating other dogs’ poop

These are all highly common dog behaviours that can be problematic if you don’t know how to deal with them, especially aggression and anxiety. They can 100% be solved with the proper obedience training tips given in this book. It also teaches you how to do intermediate to advanced dog obedience training commands, such as fetching and climbing ladders. The best thing: all the information is given in an easy-to-read way.

After Secrets to Dog Training: Stop your dog’s behaviour problems, you feel like a better dog trainer.

+ Written by Dan Stevens, a professional dog trainer: he imparts lots of secrets to dog training in this obedience training guide.

+ Secrets to Dog Training: Stop your dog’s behaviour problems is maybe the most comprehensive guide within the Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package.

+ Recommends an obedience training system that just takes 5-10 minutes a day.

Ebook No. 2: The Ultimate House Training Guide


Keeping your dog house trained is every dog owner’s dream. The Ultimate House Training Guide gives advice and information about house training a dog from the time it’s a puppy. You don’t want to be coming home every day to a mess on the floor and your curtains all chewed up.

The Ultimate House Training Guide teaches lots of new house training tips every dog owner should know. If you have a poorly potty-trained pup or struggle to train an older mut who behaves badly indoors, this house training guide gives a solution to those problems. It includes paper-training your dog, crate-training your dog, as well as a more direct approach for certain situations.

+ Written by Martin Olliver: a qualified Veterinarian and dog house training expert.

+ Gives new, up-to-date advice.

+ A good addition to the Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package for those who struggle training their dog to behave well indoors.

Ebook No. 3: The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health


You are the 1 person in the world who controls your dog’s health: from exercise to nutrition to oral health. So knowing how to look after them is important—Vets can cost $1000s over your pet’s life.

Your pets’ health care becomes easier if you look after them properly from the beginning. And who better to tell you how to avoid seeing the Vet than Vets themselves? In the Ultimate Guide to Dog Health, Vets and dog-health experts give their insight into how to keep your dog 100% healthy.

It deals with your dog’s anatomy (with detailed diagrams), medical problems (with diseases, infections, conditions), and general dog care and health care. It also has flow charts so you know what to do when you see something wrong with your dog.

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health doesn’t deal with theory—it tells you the actual things you can do to keep your dog as healthy as possible. So you know how to discover any underlying health problems and what to do when it has them. It’s easy to understand too (no complicated jargon you don’t know.)

+ Possibly best e-book in the Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package.

+ Flow charts to deal with different kinds of dog illnesses and health problems.

+ In-depth and useful info to make your dog healthier.

+ Dog health and proper dog care are No.1 for taking care of your dog.

Extras: In-field dog training guides + Free Bonus Audio / Ebooks

Actually showing you how to train your dog is more effective than just reading about it. So the Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package gives you 5 free online videos to watch. Because showing is always better than telling. Plus you get 8 bonus audio and e-books, all dealing with specialised (but very useful) problems. Amazing.

Bottom Line

So the Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package product review verdict: Is it worth it?

The fact is a lot of the info in the Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package is timeless. It’s got all the info a dog owner should want: you can find some of the information online but if you want easy to understand (and professionally sourced) info on obedience training, house training and dog care, it’s here. Kingdom of Pets have done so well and it shows—their reviews are all pretty great. They’ve been helping people reach dog training mastery since 2004.

There is a lot of content in this package, which really does justify the $99.95 price. You just need to be dedicated to sitting down and reading all of it. I think that dog owners everywhere can appreciate these dog training guides being packaged up into one dog training mastery product.

Honest Opinion: Amazing Value In This Dog Training Online Course Package.

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