Dog Food

is homemade dog food better than store bought

Just like humans, all animals need to make energy from food. Knowing what to feed your dog and make sure you buy high quality pet food is important for keeping your dog healthy and full of energy. It also helps them repair body tissues after exercise.

In your family, the one who feeds your animals should feed them at least three hours after they’ve been active. It can be good to do this before your own dinner time, so your dog has eaten when your family eats and can get a sense of routine. 

Ideal nutrition

Ideal nutrition for dogs should be pet food or food you make that includes protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. General feed from pet stores or supermarkets will have this on the label and in most cases, animal foods provide adequate nutrition for dogs. 

Alternatively, if making your dog’s food yourself, using mince with rice and vegetables is a fantastic nutritional choice! Check out our articles on dog nutrition, ranging from the best type of dog food to recipes!