The Affenpinscher – Compact and Spunky


The Affenpinscher is spunky times x10. It’s also compact x10. Think about it at just 7 to 10 pounds.

The Affenpinscher weighs at least x10 less than the mighty

Newfoundland dog breed. It’s like a perpetual baby in your arms.

Renoir included this petite pooch in the luncheon of the boating party, one of his most festive paintings. If he didn’t paint the Affenpinscher for its perkiness, he may have painted the breed for its quirkiness.

They generally have a very scruffy sort of face with a mustache and a little beard and look monkey-like, hence the name.

Affenpinscher actually translates to monkey terrier in German. This charismatic canine with a monkey face has another claim to fame one of the first. Affenpinscher breeders in America were mining. Evelyn Walsh McLean and actually she was the last person who privately owned the Hope Diamond.

Rumour has it that the wealthy socialite would occasionally attach the Magnificent jewel to the collars of her beloved dogs. Lucky dog.

One of the oldest toy breeds the Affenpinscher got its start in 17th century Germany, where most likely held a less than privileged position.

They were used to get rid of the rat populations in homes or mills. Over time breeds like the Pug, the Silky Pincher and the smooth hair German Affenpinscher are believed to have been mixed in creating a rare little type with some funny characteristics.

They kind of have It pushed an ape-like face. That’s because the muzzle on Affenpinscher is exceedingly short, and how about that monkey mouth. This toy breed is known for its protruding jaw and lower lip, which makes them look like they have a perpetual pout kind of like a supermodel.

No fancy hairdressers styled the Affenpinscher’s coat, though it’s always rough and shaggy, usually black and sometimes salt-and-pepper, beige, black and tan, and a sort of reddish color.

If you’re betting, this big-hearted little tot is the one for you. You could be right standing between 9 and 11 inches tall, the Affenpinscher can be exercised indoors and travels well, but in the Health Department watch out your vet bills could be high.

The Affenpinscher is prone to eye, teeth, hip, joint thyroid, and heart issues, but when it comes to grooming, you’ll only need to give this low shedding pet, a good combing twice a week to prevent Maddie.

How to Train Them?

Training these independently minded dogs is another story in France, they’re called mustache little devils for a reason.

Affenpinscher can be very, very difficult to housebreak, but in a family, this playful and high-energy pooch can be an entertaining choice. Affenpinschers are not recommended for very young children, though, because they’re small and injure easily.

Final Thoughts – Affenpinscher in a Nutshell:

  • Affenpinschers are content with indoor exercise but they’re prone to a wide range of inherited health problems.
  • They need to be groomed at least twice a week.
  • Training them can be difficult, but in a family, they’re lively pets,
  • They’re just not recommended for small children.

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