About Us

Welcome to Care for Dogs Guide, I am so excited to have you here. Care for Dogs Guide was established a year ago to develop a place to learn all about those gorgeous creatures, dogs. My motto is to provide the latest, most accurate information available about caring for your dog. I will try my best to make sure no question gets left unanswered. If there’s anything I can help you with, don’t hesitate to get in touch through the Contact Us page. Mel

Meet The Care for Dogs Guide Team

We have two members who write articles for our website, each member brings their own expertise to the blog and helps make sure that Care for Dogs Guide continues to deliver quality content. Here’s a brief introduction to our team.

Mel is the owner of the site and our team’s expert on dog breeds. With extensive knowledge on a wide range of different breeds, Mel is able to provide information about the needs of different dog breeds. She has had several dogs over the years, including numerous Labradors and a Beagle. Currently, she has a mixed poodle named Victor, who is a treasured member of the family. Mel’s sister has two dogs that Mel likes to write about, a beautiful black Labrador Molly and an affectionate English Staffy, Jess. You will find out about them in the Interview section of the site.

Now that you know about the team behind Care for Dogs Guide, we hope you get a lot out of our articles. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions or suggestions for future articles. Thanks for reading!

We also want to send a special thanks to all of our readers that take the time to read about how to care for your pet. We hope we can help make caring for your dog easy and enjoyable.